A socialization class for the shy, quiet and tiny dogs


It all started when…

A puppy would attend our regular puppy socialization class and was so shy that the other puppies scared her.

Or the pup was so tiny that although it wasn’t shy, it was just too risky to let it play with the big pups.

Or someone would tell us that they had an older dog that was super shy and they wished we had a class for dogs like them.

So we have created a socialization class for dogs that are shy, quiet and really tiny.


When: Saturdays @ 2:30 - 3:30pm

No class on holiday weekends!

Where: Bosleys Oak Bay (2154 Oak Bay Ave)

How much: $10.50 paid upon arrival

Just show up, no pre-registration required.

If you’ve never attended any of our programs before you will need:
1. Proof of vaccines (two rounds of booster vaccines minimum) as well as the kennel cough vaccine (bordatella) and,
2. To fill out our waiver.