Ruth Kasasian

Ruth is a homegrown west coaster from Bowen Island, BC. who started with BabyDog as a volunteer and very quickly due to her obvious commitment, warmth and intuitive skill with the dogs moved into an official position working as an apprentice dog trainer under the guidance and instruction of Aviva Shtull.     

After an extensive 2-year apprenticeship with BabyDog, extensive hands-on training and practice with hundreds of dogs as well as continued training for more advanced behavioral modification issues with Tyler Mutoin Buffalo, New York. Ruth works with her own clients through BabyDog with great success and is a well sought after dog trainer.   

Ruth’s commitment to continual learning and education has proven to help countless puppy owners support their dogs to feel more confident in social situations and more obedient and well behaved in everyday life.  You will find Ruth leading BabyDogs regular Socialization Classes, Group Obedience classes as well as working tirelessly for her private clients.

Ruth is dedicated to making all training with BabyDog a positive, gentle, and fun experience for both pup and owner. She strives to give you the tools to develop, brick by brick, a solid, loving, and strong relationship built on guidance and understanding.  Her training is fun, educational and most importantly, empowering and effective.