*Please note we do NOT run any classes on holiday weekends. Including Friday evenings to Monday evenings.

Puppy Socialization

Build confidence, develop social skills, and have fun playing, all with the guidance of a trainer

Registration — This is a drop-in class, no sign up needed however we have a maximum capacity of 12 puppies per class so arrive early to guarantee your spot!
Rate — $10.50 (pay when you arrive)
Duration — 1 hour
Location — Bosley's Pet Stores (see schedule above)
Age — Up to 8 months old
Bring — Proof of first + second set of vaccines, plus proof of the kennel cough vaccine (Bordatella), leash, signed online waiver (no need to print it, just submit it online, see yellow button below).
Remember — Please don't feed your pup right before class. A full tummy and excited play can lead to bloat.

  • Build confidence

  • Learn social skills

  • Develop muscles and coordination

  • Learn bite inhibition

  • Learn self control and patience

  • Learn to play appropriately

  • Learn to exist peacefully and respectfully around other dogs

What to expect.

With the guidance and support of a qualified dog trainer your pup will be placed in an enclosure with another pup that the trainer feels will be a good match for your dog. Puppies are brought in to the pen in small groups (typically 2 or 4 at a time). They are carefully chosen so that the puppies feel safe with each other. They are then encouraged and guided through how to interact with each other appropriately, whether it is to slow down, approach respectfully and learn to read the other dogs body language or boost their confidence by encouraging play and curiosity with each other.

The trainer will always carefully match your pup with others and ensure it is a positive and safe experience for them. You as the owner stand on the outside of the enclosure and watch, every few minutes the puppies get to take a break and are given back to you while a few other puppies get to take a try. Throughout the hour the puppies take turns in and out of the pen. Whilst on the outside of the pen your puppy is under your care and you are encouraged to work with your pup on their patience, calmness in a stimulating environment or work on their basic training until it is their turn to go back in the enclosure. The point is to give your puppy chances to learn how to respectfully engage with other dogs, learn to be confident but controlled and respectful when making new friends and also learn how to behave in a setting such as a retail store with lots of other people and dogs in the same space. This class is designed to be as educational for you as it is for your puppy.